Everything for the client

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 04. 25. 08:00

Clients of consulting services in Hungary are either local subsidiaries of multinationals, which expect to get the same service as anywhere else, or Hungarian companies which are often in the process of regional expansion. It is however, still unclear to a significant part of Hungarian companies how consultants can be used efficiently. Client relations management is an increasingly important area where a growing number of consultants are employed. Client relations are based on the very first contact with the client. If this is a negative experience for the client, no business will follow. In the FMCG market, discount chains have a very well defined strategy aimed at a specific group of consumers, whereas other consumers with more purchasing power require a different approach. IKEA is a good example of this, with the promise of a family program instead of simple shopping. A group of consumers has appeared in Hungary, which needs to find a positive experience in shopping and is no longer only interested in prices. Large retail chains are trying to make their services more personalised in order to be more attractive to this group. Hungarian retail chains embarking on regional expansion need to face a new challenge in appearing and operating as international companies. This will require a large number of consultants to be employed for reviewing their client relations, sales and marketing activities.

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