Operahouse supporting of floods

By: trademagazin Date: 2011. 03. 04. 09:49

The Hungarian State Opera decided to give home to a special event centered around co-operation and solidarity. Within the compass of the special charity gala led by Pál Schmitt, organized in the Ybl-palace, in order to support victims of the flood, more than 14 million HUF had been collected.

Here are some of the artists supporting the event, co-operating free of charge: Komlósi Ildikó, Lukács Gyöngyi, Rost Andrea, Tokody Ilona, Banda Ádám és Bogányi Gergely, a Magyar Állami Operaház zenekara és dirigense, Győriványi Ráth György, and Hungarian National Ballett.

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