Intimate hygiene: something that is taught

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 07. 01. 10:05

Intimate hygiene used to be a taboo topic among women for a long time even in the modern age, therefore brands need to educate consumers if they wish to break down these walls. According to Viktória Ozoróczy, category manager of Johnson&Johnson Kft., education is very important in this segment: if consumers know more about products, they will find what they need easier on crowded store shelves.

This year the company’s Carefree products got a new packaging and products became softer, getting a more feminine look, too. A new product was also launched: Carefree FlexiComfort is extra thin and has a 2-drop absorption capacity; it is available in two versions and each product is packed individually in the box that contains 20. Tampon and pantyliner sales grow a bit in certain seasons; sanitary pad users stay loyal to their products even in the summer. Ildikó Kardos, marketing manager of SCA Hygiene Products Kft. told our magazine that sales of incontinence products have been increasing by two-digit numbers for quite a while. In part this is the result of the education work the company has done under the aegis of the TENA Lady brand. In pantyliner sales large-size products are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a better price-value ratio. Libresse developed the ProSkin™ formula to protect women’s intimate skin parts better.

All of Nivea’s intimate hygiene products contain lactic acid, which helps to preserve the right pH value of intimate skin areas. In summer months demand increases for these products. Viktória Tantics, brand manager of Beiersdorf Kft. told Trade magazin that NIVEA® Intimo wash lotions contain natural chamomile and aloe vera extracts, plus organic jojoba oil. This summer will bring the debut of the NIVEA® Intimo FRESH intimate wash gel in 50ml size (in dm stores).

Bella-Hungária Kft. is an affiliate of Poland-seated company TZMO SA. Their Bella Herbs products – sanitary pads and pantyliners – contain natural ingredients which have antiphlogistic, antibacterial and odour-neutralising effects. They are ergonomic and they are characterised by an increased absorption capacity. Other products include Seni Lady incontinence pads and Seni Care Urea skin care products. Maja Horváth, marketing and brand manager of Bella-Hungária Kft. informed us that they are preparing for a 2-week 1+1 campaign (with each Bella Herbs Verbena sanitary pad bought shoppers get a Bella Herbs Verbena pantyliner) in Müller drugstores.

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