More loan schemes to satisfy the needs of the FMCG sector

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 30. 09:39

László Kálmán, the head of Erste Bank’s SME business line told that a large proportion of their customers are from the FMCG sector, therefore they are familiar with the special characteristics and needs of food industry companies. At the moment businesses can get financing from MNB’s Lending for Growth Programme (NHP) or from Exim’s refinanced lending schemes – these offer cheap loans with flexible conditions to SMEs. Factoring services may be the ideal solutions to those firms which have a stable group of customers but aren’t eligible for working capital loans because of their financial situation. In Hungary the proportion of factoring services in lending to SMEs is growing. Erste Bank’s goal is to strengthen its presence in this segment of the market as well, with services characterised by flexibility, a good price-value ratio and a stable background. Erste Bank offers several factoring solutions to customers at reduced prices. Erste Bank grants loans to SMEs on a case-by-case basis, doing personalised risk assessment. In order to provide better services, the bank even restructured its SME services model and set up competence centres specialising in various fields, such as the EU Office or the Agricultural Competence Centre. SMEs get the same level of attention from Erste Bank as large firms, stressed Mr Kálmán, and managers can always find the best loan products for enterprises – who can also enjoy the benefits of a one-stop-shop system. (x)

 Kalman_Laszlo_Erste.jpg Kálmán László, kis- és középvállalati igazgató Erste Bank

Kálmán László,
kis- és középvállalati igazgató
Erste Bank

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