Az I. Flexi Fórum főbb témái között a flexitáriánus életvitel, XYZ generációk táplálkozási szokásai is szerepelnek ​ 114 / 5 000 Fordítási találatok Fordítási találat Among the main topics of the 1st Flexi Forum are the flexitarian way of life and the eating habits of the XYZ generations

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 27. 11:59

According to a domestic research conducted by Danone and NMS, Generation Z is currently the most open to replacing dairy and meat products with plant-based alternatives, as well as considering aspects of sustainability during purchases. Despite this, there are few surfaces where young people have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of a plant-based lifestyle. The Flexi Forum held for the first time this year was meant to fill this void. The event was organized on November 17 by Danone Magyarország Kft., Alpro and the University of Debrecen on the campus of the educational institution, at the Faculty of Economics.

What is the difference between vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian? What are the dietary advantages of a permissive diet – i.e. a diet that prioritizes plant products, but also includes certain foods of animal origin? How do different generations influence each other today in shaping our nutrition? Is it better to keep livestock or grow plants? What is the effect of our food on global warming? What is upcycling, why is it important to reduce VAT on plant products and how does zero waste appear in marketing? Such and similar questions were discussed by the speakers of the first Flexi Forum at the all-day event consisting of seminars and interactive workshops.

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