The Nestlé is the most attractive employer on the FMCG market

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 04. 24. 11:36

The Mercedes has become the most attractive employer and thus the Randstad Award winner. According to an independent research, the Hungarian employees would prefer the service sector, in addition to the automotive industry.


The Randstad Award was handed over on 23 April for the second time to the most attractive employer: this time, Mercedes has proved to be the most popular among the Hungarian workers.

The most attractive employers in Hungary in 2015. The Randstad Award Top List:
(The 2014 rankings are in brackets)
1 Mercedes-Benz (2)
2. Audi (1)
3. IBM (3)
4. Samsung Electronics (4)
5. Bosch (6)
6. Nestle (7)
7. GE General Electric (9)
8. Richter (10)
9. Ericsson (-)
10. Continental Automotive (8)

Special Awards:
Most attractive employer – Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: Gedeon Richter
Most attractive employer – Retail: DM
Most attractive employer – Manufacturing and Production: Samsung
Most attractive employer – Energy and utility services: MOL
Most attractive employer – FMCG Nestlé
Best known employer: TESCO

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