The transitional period of the European pepper season: price and supply changes

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 04. 11:39

The European pepper season is now in a transition period, where the center of gravity of supply shifts from Dutch producers to Spain. As a result, the goods of both producers are present on the markets. However, domestic bell peppers have not yet appeared on the Budapest Wholesale Market.

The year 2024 started at the end of March with the transitional period of the European pepper season, when the focus is on Dutch peppers instead of Spanish products. The price of imported items showed a significant decrease in this period.

In the middle of March, the price of red bell peppers in the ZON auction hall, for example, sank to the depths of 1.75 euros/kg (690 HUF/kg), but by the end of the month the average price had risen to around 2.4 euros/kg (945 HUF/kg). On the other hand, this season’s Dutch peppers started at a price of around 2.6 euros/kg (1,020 HUF/kg), and then decreased in mid-March to rise to the current level – reports the Agricultural Sector.

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