The European Commission launches an investigation against AliExpress

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 11:13

The European Commission has initiated a special investigation against the Chinese online trading platform AliExpress, as it was suspected of violating the Digital Services Act. According to the Brussels body, fake medicines, food and pornographic content intended for minors can also be found on AliExpress’s platforms.

During the preliminary investigations, it was revealed that AliExpress’s terms of service do not comply with the regulations in several areas. There are deficiencies in risk management, content moderation, and measures to prevent the spread of illegal content and manipulation.

Products such as counterfeit drugs and food, as well as pornographic content that is accessible to minors, are still available to consumers. The information requested from merchants using AliExpress is not properly collected and evaluated, and the database between the advertisements appearing on the online interface is also not properly provided.

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