The protein content of wheat harvested in the EU until mid-July is good

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 01. 11:00

In its July forecast, the International Grains Council (IGC) indicates 784 million tons in 2023/2024. expected global wheat harvest in the economic year. This output may be 20 million tons lower than the forecasted use, so the world’s wheat reserves may shrink to 263 million tons by the end of the economic year.

(Photo: Pixabay)

According to the French market analysis company Tallage in July, the harvest was in full swing in the European Union in mid-July. The rainy, sometimes stormy weather at the beginning of summer slowed down the harvest in the southern European production zones, so the yield of wheat and barley fell short of expectations. A very poor harvest is expected in Spain due to the dry weather. The protein content of the wheat harvested in the EU until mid-July is good, but the specific gravity is low, and the mycotoxin content is higher in the Mediterranean member countries due to the rain. This year, the ratio of milled wheat is expected to be lower than in 2022.

In the European Union, 126 million tons (+1 percent) of winter wheat can be harvested from 22 million hectares with an average yield of 5.8 tons/hectare

Among the main producing member countries, 36.4 million tons (+8 percent compared to the previous year) of wheat are expected in France. In Germany, they can harvest 21.8 million tons (-2.5 percent). A harvest of 10.2 million tons (+16 percent) is indicated in Romania, and 12.3 million tons (-4 percent) in Poland. In Hungary, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, 3.1 million tons of wheat were harvested from 552 thousand hectares (55 percent of the area awaiting harvest) with an average yield of 5.6 tons/hectare until July 19.

In Hungary, according to AKI PÁIR data, edible wheat was traded at an average producer price of HUF 63.1 thousand per ton without VAT and transport costs in the third week of July. This price level was 54 percent lower than a year earlier. At the same time, feed wheat traded at a producer price of HUF 62.9 thousand/ton (-53 percent).


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