The Living Bread – Telex’s new film

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 01. 11:52

Bread has been one of our most basic foods for centuries, and its main ingredient, flour, appears in many forms in our everyday life. However, modern food production often contains substances that can cause disease. A new initiative, an environmentally conscious farmer-miller-baker network, is working to provide customers with really good, healthy bread whose life story they can tell. The Environmental Social Science Research Group’s film “The Living Bread” shows this aspiration and the love of wheat. The film was directed by Püsök Botond, and now it can be seen by a larger audience for the first time on Telex.

Ádám Fülöp didn’t originally train to be a baker, but he was shocked by what was happening to basic foods and started looking for alternative methods. One of the most alarming elements of food production is the use of chemicals. Increasing amounts of plant protection agents and fertilizers are being applied to the fields, which, despite their safety, can enter the human body and cause problems. Fílöp sees bread as a part of a chain that is already falling in the field. What is important to him is what happens to the soil in which the seed is planted, and what is the attitude of the farmer who produces the wheat.

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