Same-day delivery is the desire of Hungarian customers

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 12:12

Among Central European customers, fast home delivery is clearly the preferred solution, most often because something was left out during a previous shopping trip. Hungarians, however, would spend less on this, and although most of them ask for their order to be delivered to their home, parcel vending machines are becoming the most popular. This is shown by the recent, representative research of the smart logistics company DODO, which compared the ordering habits of four countries.

The proportion of those who prefer fast delivery in Hungary corresponds to the Central European average: more than a quarter of webshop customers consider this the best delivery option. Among Hungarians, the proportion of those who indicate forgetfulness as the main reason for choosing same-day delivery is particularly high.

The research reveals that most customers choose same-day delivery due to forgotten or sold-out products during previous shopping. In addition, the immediate replacement of products and the quick fulfillment of planned purchases are also important factors. In Hungary, the demand for same-day delivery of planned purchases is ahead of Germany, and Hungarian customers are willing to pay an extra amount for same-day delivery.

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