Magazine: Vending machines are the future – if they can survive until then

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 07. 13. 07:36
Lőrincz László - Nemzeti Automata Szövetség

László Lőrincz
Hungarian Vending Association

Our magazine interviewed László Lőrincz, president of the Hungarian Vending Association about what has happened in the sector during the pandemic. We immediately got in touch with the authorities and made suggestions for mitigating the losses suffered by vending machine operators. From the day when the emergency was announced offices and schools were empty, and many companies closed as well. Things were changing from one hour to another at the locations of the vending machines, so it wasn’t possible to plan their refilling, etc. Sales dropped drastically in the sector, so many operating companies had to cut working hours or lay off workers. The product selection in vending machines has basically stayed the same, just like the consumption habits of customers. I hope so! //

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