Szentkirályi recalled the non-carbonated water purchased from Auchan

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 10:18

The quality control laboratory of Szentkirályi indicated that a small amount of cleaning agent was added to the 1.5-liter non-carbonated Szentkirályi product during bottling. Therefore, Szentkirályi Hungary is asking consumers who, last Friday, March 22, in any Auchan store to buy a 1.5-liter non-carbonated ( with a pink cap) they bought Szentkirályi mineral water, the expiration date of which can be seen on the neck of the bottle is 21.03.2025, so that they do not consume it, but take it back to the store where they bought it.

In its statement on Tuesday, Szentkirályi warns that there may be a health risk of consuming the product in large quantities, however, the contamination can be recognized already after opening, because the water has an unpleasant smell and does not taste like the usual Szentkirályi water.

With the help of the product path tracking system, Szentkirályi recalled the vast majority of the affected products from warehouses and stores at the time, but unfortunately some consumers in Auchan stores had already bought the products before they could be removed from the shelves.

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