At Auchan, the prices of 7,000 products have been reduced this year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 06. 12:13

Compared to last year, a discount store’s worth of products became cheaper in Auchan hypermarkets, regardless of promotions. The more than 7,000 goods include staple foods, milk and dairy products, cheese, cold cuts, meat, as well as cleaning and cleaning products, washing powders, laundry and electronic goods or household appliances.

The Hungarian market has always been highly price-sensitive, and due to last year’s inflation and especially food price increases, this has become the most determining factor for purchases. All this entailed that the role of sales and promotions increased, as did the share of affordable own-brand products. It can also be seen that large department store chains are competing with each other, often following different price strategies, trying to retain customers.

In order to protect purchasing power, Auchan, in addition to discount offers and incredible promotions for Bizalom cardholders, focused on price reductions, which it extended to a uniquely wide range of products on the market. This year, hypermarkets offer 7,000 products 20-60% cheaper than last year. And this does not mean a sale, but a permanent price reduction, which actually applies to as many types of products as an average discount store offers.

Some examples from the largest product categories: the prices of nearly 400 types of dairy products and 220 types of cheese at the self-service counters went down compared to last year, and it was no accident that Auchan became the Dairy Product Dealer of the Year in the professional competition of the Store of the Year! 150 types of prepackaged cold cuts and more than 60 types of meat and fish have also become cheaper. The prices of a significant amount of 260 types of food, which are necessary for a healthy diet, have been reduced, and a range of 100 fresh vegetables and fruits, recommended for consumption five times a day, have also become more affordable.

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