AMC at one of the world’s leading food exhibitions again

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 10. 05. 08:00

Attending the SIAL International Food industry Exhibition in Paris is one of the priorities in the international program of Agricultural Marketing Centre. Apart from the pavilion of national stands, collective stands for Hungarian exhibitors will also operate in pavilions of the meat industry and of frozen goods. Two options will be available for Hungarian food manufacturers wishing to appear at the stands: to have an individual section of their own, or to attend as collective exhibitors. The total exhibition space available for exhibiting high quality Hungarian food is 350 m2. 21 collective exhibitors will appear at the 250 m2 national stand, while another 2×50 square meters will be available for manufacturers of meat products (4 collective exhibitors) and manufacturers of frozen products (3 collective exhibitors). Representatives of the Hungarian food industry have been able to attend SIAL in the national pavilion operated by AMC since 1996. Attending SIAL is an excellent opportunity for entering export markets, as visitors are major importers, retailers and wholesalers. An exceptionally high percentage of visitors come from the Far East, while the number of visitors from Saudi Arabia and Australia showed the greatest increase in 2006, compared to earlier events. According to statistics from the organisers of the event, the number of exhibitors was 5,302, from 99 countries in 2006, while the total number of visitors was 140,423. The number of visitors has doubled since 1996. 55.5 percent of visitors are from foreign countries. According to József Pál, director of Agricultural Marketing Centre, attending this exhibition is of crucial importance, as all the significant representatives of the European food market are represented, and attending is a way for companies to become known at the European level. Owing to the size and extreme complexity of the event, this is an ideal opportunity for establishing business contacts which offer a good chance of concluding actual deals in the future. A further reason for Hungarian participation is the relative proximity of the location, which makes participation cost effective.

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