The Chamber of Agriculture is launching a nationwide series of events on water conservation in February

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 06. 10:30

The National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) will launch a series of national events in February on agricultural practices that conserve water, the chamber told MTI on Monday. The “Changing climate, adaptive soil and water management!” lectures will be held in six locations in the first half of February. The events are free, but those interested must register in advance at

The National Chamber of Agrarian Economy considers the creation of appropriate soil and water management, as well as the development of irrigation, the widest possible dissemination of the practices necessary to maintain water in the landscape. It was emphasized that in order to conserve water, water should be channeled into the landscape, and in low-lying areas, it should be kept for as long as possible. Based on current trends, precipitation conditions will become more and more extreme in the country: periods of drought may become more frequent. In addition, large amounts of sudden rainfall can be expected, but the rapid flow of excess water cannot allow it to seep into the ground, so it is not used sufficiently. Because of this, soils can become increasingly dry. They also pointed out that ensuring adequate water supply and creating and maintaining a homogeneous plant population is not only a matter of yield surplus, but also of yield security. Farmers can also do a lot to conserve moisture, for example, with mulching and other agrotechnical solutions – reads the NAK announcement.


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