Agárdi Pálinka took everything

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 26. 00:04

2009 is the year of great international recognitions in the history of Agárdi Pálinka; the Agárdi Pálinka won Distillery of the Year, the Distillator of the Year, the Best Pálinka of the Year and the Hungarian Nation Winner prizes at the International Spi

The Superbrands award is a further recognition of the quality of craftsmanship. wich was handed over by Nagy Ildikó, the program director of Superbrands to Szokolics Ákos the commercial director of Agárdi Pálinka.
Despite the increased production and selling prices, the company’s turnover increased to its twentyfold in seven years – reports Világgazdaság Online.

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