‘A good bank treats you like it was giving advice to itself’

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 08. 31. 10:53

Gyermelyi Zrt., Hungary’s market leader pasta company, egg producer and milling industry actor is 50 years old this year. The company has had a 20-year financial relationship with MKB Bank Nyrt.

As Gyermelyi’s general manager Attila Sárossy puts it, the cooperation between the two companies is one of mutual trust. It is crucial for parties to believe that they have shared interests and goals, and that both of them are working for not only the profit, but for their long-lasting partnership as well.

A promising start

In 2003-2006 Gyermelyi financed the installation of its new pasta factory’s modern production and packaging line from an MKB Bank loan, which resulted in a state-of-the-art pasta making complex. Mr Sárossy underlined: MKB Bank’s medium-sized company division made their partnership more efficient by appointing a personal financial consultant; what is more, Gyermelyi could work with financial experts with agri-food knowledge, who provided them with special loans tailored to the sector’s needs.

Gyermelyi üzem

Automation and technological renewal

In the early 2010s it was time for Gyermelyi to invest in logistics processes, warehouse enlargement and egg production capacity growth. This wouldn’t have been possible without loans and a stable financial partner. Work started in 2012, with investment loan from MKB Bank within the framework of the MFB Enterprise Funding Programme. Attila Simon, the director of MKB Bank’s agriculture business explained: MKB Bank makes it a priority to finance modern technological development projects.

Gyermelyi PR

Attila Simon, director of MKB Bank’s agriculture business (on the left) and Attila Sárossy, general manager of  Gyermelyi Zrt. (on the right)

The year of development: 10 billion forints worth of investment

2017 was a milestone year in the life of Gyermelyi Zrt.: this was the year of development for the company, when the value of investment reached HUF 10 billion. In addition to the animal feed factory and a third warehouse, a new pasta production facility was also built, doubling the production capacity to 70,000 tonnes per annum.

Gyermelyi PR

New decade, new mill and new wheat storage facility

In 2020 Gyermelyi installed a new packaging line and built a new wheat storage unit with 12,000-tonne capacity – courtesy of an EXIM working capital loan from MKB Bank. The three pillars of Gyermelyi’s business philosophy are quality, loyalty and consistency. These are also the main criteria for choosing their business partners.

Mr Sárossy explained: ‘A bank we partner with must be successful and stable, but the trust factor matters just as much – or even more. A good bank treats you like it was giving advice to itself. MKB Bank is like this.’

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