The consumption of poultry in our country has been restructured

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 14. 09:00

Attila Csorbai, the president of the Poultry Product Council, spoke on Inforádio about the current situation of the poultry sector.

(Photo: Pixabay)

He also covered the supply affected by the price cap. Due to the price cap, the demand on the poultry market has completely changed, but the producers are confident that the market mechanisms will be restored after the price cap is introduced. Meanwhile, extremely high prices have developed in the waterfowl sector in the past year and a half, said Attila Csorbai, president of the Poultry Product Council, in Inforádio, who also spoke about the fact that a lot of poultry had to be killed due to bird flu, of which 75-80% were waterfowl .

The price cap changed the entire market

Since the price cap basically affected the chicken product track, and chicken typically only has a certain amount of breast fillet and a certain amount of back, there was a kind of shortage of these products and a surplus of other products. – stated the president of BTT, who also spoke about the fact that the businesses tried to sell the remaining chicken products in original or prepared form, but this was difficult, as new markets had to be found. – It should also be taken into account that the domestic poultry market is also part of the international market, so poultry products have arrived in Hungary from countless countries. I would also draw attention to a separate danger, which is partly Ukrainian and partly Brazilian chicken meat on the European market, since Ukraine obtained quota- and duty-free imports of chicken meat as a kind of political concession. This seriously harms the interests of Hungarian and European poultry farmers and processors, said Attila Csorbai. Inforadio

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