Eating habits have changed

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 05. 22. 10:29

Quarantine has transformed not only our everyday lives, but our eating habits as well. After the appearance of the coronavirus in Hungary, many stores were attacked and long-lasting food was accumulated. Comfort has become a primary consideration: many people do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen with work and children.

Since the appearance of the coronavirus in Hungary, life has fundamentally changed: whoever can, works from home, students also learn digitally from home, and a lot of preschoolers and young children now spend time at home. For most families, this period is a challenge: get the job done, run the household, provide the family with five meals a day, study with the kids, play with the little ones. So all the help comes in handy.

In mid-March, people stormed the shops, an interesting experience that the first products that disappeared from the shelves were flour and yeast. Yeast deficiency then led to a significant increase in fermentation. But there are a lot of people who just can’t fit into the already very tight agenda to bake even more bread and pastries.

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