The Agricultural Innovation Awards were presented

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 24. 10:45

In addition to recognizing the exceptional performance of domestic innovators, it is important to make society aware that without creative people there is no progress, competitive economy, competitive society, i.e. no competitive future – said the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture at the handing over ceremony of the 31st Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix in the Parliament.

(Photo: Tibor Vermes)

At the event, Sándor Farkas presented the Agricultural Innovation Award to AgroVIR Kft., a company that has been committed to the digitization of agriculture since its foundation in 2008. The company was started in Hungary by farmers who wanted to make it possible for farmers to manage and develop their activities with intelligent, digital technology, so that they could produce sustainably and efficiently. Their development, AgroVIR Farm Management, which is an integrated decision support and administration system for agricultural managers – Sándor Farkas presented the awardee’s activities.

The main goal is the digitization of agriculture

The Deputy Minister called it a priority mission of the Ministry of Agriculture that as many farmers as possible in Hungary use the opportunities provided by digital technology. In particular, precision farming provided technologies or the use of decision support tools that help the sustainable planning of agrotechnological processes. Sándor Farkas said in relation to the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix, which goes back more than three decades: the path leading to winning the grand prize is a competition that for many years has drawn attention to the fact that there are many talented innovators working in Hungary in a wide variety of topics. It is their duty to ensure that their creativity, innovation and success increase the results and social prestige of agriculture in addition to the technical and natural sciences. Among the goals of the Hungarian government is to elevate Hungary to the ranks of significant European innovator nations by 2030, he said. He emphasized: we are working to ensure that as many Hungarian ideas as possible are used in marketable developments, products and services in Hungary and abroad. In agriculture, technological development involving the use of digital, precision tools and the transfer of relevant knowledge are increasingly essential. In the midst of the constantly increasing challenges facing agriculture, it is necessary to rely more and more on scientific results, developments, and the wide application of precision technologies, he underlined.

The deputy minister confirmed that farmers are increasingly partners in the use of new technologies

Nothing shows this better than the success of the tender announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, “Support for precision developments related to the digital transition of agriculture”, in the framework of which 2,665 applications received nearly HUF 195 billion in support.
In addition to the Agricultural Innovation Award, the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix, the Environmental Protection Innovation Award, the Information Technology Innovation Award, the Industrial Innovation Award and the “From Basic Research to the Market” Innovation Award were presented.


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