The renewed market hall in Békéscsaba was handed over

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 29. 12:03

How can you open up more space for domestic foods? – the most obvious answer to this question is development, market renovation and construction. We need 21st-century fairgrounds where producers are happy to sell their products and where we are happy to go shopping, said Zsolt Feldman at the ceremonial handover of the Békéscsabai Terségi Vásártér.

The Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized at the handover of the complex, which was built with 8.5 billion forints from domestic funds within the framework of the Modern Cities Program, that it is important that high-quality food produced by Hungarian producers is put on the tables as much as possible, which is why the government supports the sales points renewal. We like to shop conveniently, we like to find as many products as possible in one place, if we can find a parking space nearby. The Békéscsaba market hall is a good answer to these needs, where decent conditions await sellers and buyers.

Going to the market offers the experience of a pleasant program, where the producer can meet the customer and they can greet each other like returning acquaintances. In the market, a direct relationship develops between the seller and the buyer, they can discuss the affairs of the world in addition to shopping. Therefore, it is important to renew the fairgrounds and build new ones for both small and large settlements. The establishment of local farmers’ markets, as well as larger fair halls, facilitate the delivery of food produced by small producers to consumers. In Hungary, the number of farmers’ markets has tripled in the past decade

Zsolt Feldman said.

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