Not everyone can afford to travel this summer

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 13. 08:22

The picture is very mixed when it comes to travel plans. Overall, the travel situation of middle-aged people has improved, and those planning a vacation spend more on it, according to the K&H secure future index, but compared to the period after the coronavirus epidemic, the desire to travel can still be said to be restrained. In addition, there are still many people who cannot plan a longer vacation due to lack of money: this is the reason for 71 percent of the respondents. This rate is not much lower than last year’s 77 percent, but it is still much higher than the 58 percent the year before.

Both favorable and negative trends can be seen based on the travel plans of middle-aged people. Those who are expected to go on vacation this year will spend HUF 327,000, compared to HUF 296,000 a year earlier. The desire to travel has also changed in a positive direction: after the significant decline in 2023, the desire to travel has increased somewhat this year, although the levels of 2021-2022 are still a long way off. In particular, the mention of domestic trips is less than before, according to the K&H secure future index, which again examined in the first quarter how members of the 30-59 age group would vacation and relax this season. The clearly negative result of the research is that many do not have sufficient coverage for a longer vacation.

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