English whiskey won at the expense of the Scots

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 05. 10:57

To outside observers, the United Kingdom may appear as a unified country, but the centuries-old Anglo-Scottish antagonism continues to simmer beneath the surface. Now the Scots suffered a painful blow from the “Auld Enemy”, i.e. the old enemy – the English. The award for the best whiskey in the world was won by an English-made single malt, which increased the contrasts even more.

Scotch whisky, i.e. scotch, is an important part of the Scottish identity, and thick books have already been written about it. Not only is it a drink of cultural significance, but it can also be a profitable investment, as demonstrated by the fact that a 1926 Macallan single malt still sold at an auction last year for $2.7 million.

The victory of an English whiskey called “The English Sherry Cask” shocked budding whiskey snobs. The drink sold in a simple bottle, with a not very imaginative name, still won the first place in the single malt category of the World Whiskey Awards. This award has further exacerbated Anglo-Scottish antagonisms and outraged Scots, who feel that a non-Scotch product has won in a category that should be dominated by Scotch whisky.

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