AM: the deadline for the electronic upload of the Business Diary is extended by two weeks

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 15. 09:30

The Ministry of Agriculture (AM) will extend the deadline for the electronic upload of the Farming Diary by two weeks, until February 15, 2024, and a larger IT system update package that helps secure submission is expected by the middle of next week, the ministry told MTI on Friday.

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It was highlighted: this information helps farmers fulfill this task on time, without the risk of losing support, and in accordance with the requirements, as well as provides a clear picture of the related inspections. The reason for extending the deadline by two weeks is to ensure the time necessary to deal with practical difficulties related to electronic uploading in the new system. So far, farmers have successfully uploaded 2023 data for 3.1 million hectares on the interface, they announced. The AM mentions as an important fact that in the first year of the new time support period, there are strict legal consequences associated with maintaining and electronically uploading the Farming Diary in any form, as well as the accuracy of the content of the e-spraying diary that is part of the electronic Farming Diary (e-GN).

Incorrectly filling out the diary alone does not cause automatic rejection or subsidy reduction

Rejection or subsidy reduction can only be caused if the farmer does not fill in the diary at all, or if he has an obligation regarding the use of plant protection products, and the use of incompatible products is documented in the Farming Diary – they pointed out. The relevant support schemes are the Agro-ecological Program (hereinafter: AÖP), the Agricultural Environmental Management Support (hereinafter: AKG), the Maintenance of Ecological Farming (hereinafter: ÖKO) and the compensation payment for Natura 2000 grasslands (hereinafter: Natura lawn) – they write in the announcement. It was emphasized that the accuracy of the data content is particularly important because, due to the EU regulations, the Hungarian State Treasury must carry out a 100 percent administrative cross-check for certain practices of the AÖP, as well as for the AKG, ÖKO and Natura lawn subsidies, where some kind of pesticide restriction is included in the conditions. for e-spray logs that are part of e-GN. In the case of the AÖP, the following practices are affected: designation of non-productive landscape elements and areas on arable land, prohibition of the use of substances dangerous to bees, tillage without rotation, use of biological agents. With regard to AKG and ÖKO subsidies, it is also a basic requirement that the e-GN contains a nutrient management plan – they explained.

Nébih’s IT developers are constantly working to eliminate the technical problems experienced by users in connection with the submission of the e-GN

A major IT system update package is currently being prepared, which is intended to eliminate the data loss phenomenon. It is expected to be activated on Wednesday next week (January 17). In view of this, the ministry decided to extend the period open for submitting the e-GN by two weeks – until February 15, 2024 – informed the Ministry of Agriculture. In relation to the problems experienced when uploading the e-GN, attention is drawn to the fact that some of the uploading problems may come from the fact that the farmer is not using a market software that has a live, live data connection to Nébih. It is recommended to check with the service provider that they are using software that has access to the live system.


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