Kitti Almási: ‘What we will remember isn’t the number of our followers in social media…’

By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 07. 05. 19:00

Will we have personal conversations in the future? Will we need friends? These are two of the topics that host Szilvia Krizsó talked about with clinical psychologist Kitti Almási in our magazine’s podcast series, Future Talks. Ms Almási explained that many people only feel in the online space that others care about them. She added that this place is special, because those who are present don’t have to take responsibility for their words, as their presence can be anonymous. Conversation topics also included how not to become victims, what kind of psychological problems people will have in the future, what new stress types we need to cope with, why many people are trying to get away from civilisation and why more and more people are buying dogs – while female infertility is increasing.

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