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By: Gyarmati Orsolya Date: 2021. 12. 01. 10:54
Bakó-Pallang Dóra, Doroti Pack

Dóra Bakó-Pallang
HR- and international relations manager
Doroti Pack

In the last one-year period Doroti Pack Kft. participated in a S3FOOD (Smart Sensor Systems for Food Safety, Quality Control and Resource Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry) project – in cooperation with Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Kft. Within the framework of the ImProWings project Doroti Pack relied on machine vision software and artificial intelligence technology to specify the location of chicken wings on the production line.

Dóra Bakó-Pallang, HR and international relations manager of Doroti Pack Kft. told our magazine that robotics have opened a new horizon in the food industry, in terms of both increasing efficiency and improving working conditions. She added that demand for packaging is on the rise – partly because of the dynamic development of Hungarian e-commerce.

Packaging is of key role in e-commerce

New markets in sight

Norbert Regőczy
managing director
Logipack Packaging

Last year brought many new things in the life of Logipack Packaging Kft. The company started investing in installing high-capacity production lines. Managing director Norbert Regőczy said: their main profile is manufacturing cardboard boxes and other corrugated board products. When ready, the new automatic production lines will make it possible for the company to enter new markets. It is very important for Logipack to master the latest technology and to have up-to-date packaging expertise.

Achieving a sustainable economy has become a basic goal

Expecting the unexpected

Ifj. Keskeny Árpád, Keskeny Nyomda

Árpád Keskeny Jr.
managing director
Keskeny Nyomda

The packaging department of printing company Keskeny Nyomda is characterised by continuous development work. Recently the company purchased a new Bobst Masterfold folder-gluer machine for box manufacturing, which represents cutting-edge technology in the segment.

Managing director Árpád Keskeny told: Keskeny Nyomda reacted to the changes brought by the last year with new boxes designed to satisfy shipping and mailing needs. In his view there are often unexpected changes in the packaging industry, so it is essential for firms to be flexible and to be able to adapt to changes quickly.

Innovations in cardboard suggest a revolutionary transformation

Green and practical at the same time

Kolozsvári György, STI Petőfi Nyomda

György Kolozsvári
sales director
STI Petőfi Nyomda

STI Petőfi Nyomda has started focusing on technological development in its innovation work recently. The printing company is busy setting up new machinery and according to sales director György Kolozsvári, the packaging industry is definitely going forward! He opines that the conquest of online shops creates new challenges for packaging solutions. Many packaging companies are trying to create the not easily achievable balance between being eco-friendly and practical at the same time. The multi-functionality of packaging designs has become important recently.

Plastic or paper? Which will tilt the balance?

Knowledge centre for new solutions

Hedvig Mattyasovszky
sales director Hungary
Metsä Board

In 2020 Metsä Board opened its Excellence Centre, which seeks to speed up corrugated board and packaging innovation. The company has also launched a pioneering box recently: this features a so-called dispersion barrier coating that protects the product inside against grease and moisture.

Hedvig Mattyasovszky, sales director of Metsä Board Hungary spoke to us about the demand for sustainability being the engine of new innovations in packaging. This is why it is important that the company’s excellence centre brings together its own competences with the knowledge of various types of experts and partners – raw material suppliers, research and technology specialists – in order to find the answers to the challenges that the packaging industry is facing.

Corrugated paper: sustainable, green, cost effective

Special technology = market advantage

Huszágh Zsolt, Edelman

Zsolt Huszágh
sales director
Edelmann Hungary

In the last few years Edelmann Hungary Packaging Zrt. started using very special new technology: Cast and Cure is a high-speed UV coating technology that creates a micro-embossed holographic pattern. Presently Edelmann is the only company in Hungary that works with this technology and sales director Zsolt Huszágh told: the company is also a key player in replacing plastics with eco-friendly materials, for instance cardboard. Right now they are busy with several similar projects. //

Packaging materials: We are only eco-conscious in theory

Dr Edina Lendvai, associate professor at the University of Szeged did a survey with 500 Hungarian consumers in July 2020. It turned out that three quarters of consumers don’t examine food products from a packaging perspective. She also found that Hungarians are eco-conscious and green only in theory, but not necessarily in practice. Those who are buying products in biodegradable packaging are typically 46-65 year old women with a university degree and an average income. It is noteworthy that 93.37 percent of consumers choose unpackaged fruits and vegetables, but this proportion is only 78 percent with bakery items.//

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