Agrometeorology: the quality and quantity of autumn sowing crops was damaged by the significant rainfall of the past week

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 13. 09:30

The significant rainfall that fell in the past week was no longer lacking at all for the ripening fall-sown field crops, it worsened both the quality and quantity of the crop, but at the same time the growth of corn and sunflower continued to accelerate, HungaroMet Zrt. wrote in its agrometeorological analysis on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

During the Medárd period, which arrived early this year, in the last thirty days in Transdanubia and the northern part of the country, in many places, but also in the Alföld, the amount of precipitation was more than 100 millimeters, and in some places more than 150 millimeters fell, which significantly exceeds the usual amount at this time. At the same time, there are places in the southern and eastern parts of the Great Plain where it fell less than the long-term average, only 40-60 millimeters, but the drought has ended in the Southern Great Plain. The soil layer near the surface has been completely soaked in many places in recent days and the problems are caused by internal water.

The autumn sowings are two to three weeks earlier in their development than usual, the barley is fully matured, so where the soil allows, harvesting has already begun, and the rapeseed and wheat stocks are also in the ripening phase.

The heavy rainfall of the past period was not good for the harvest, the fields of corn fell in the areas affected by the downpours, and special attention must also be paid to the protection against fungal diseases on the often wet stands. However, sunflower and corn crops can develop under favorable conditions: the soil contains sufficient moisture and is mostly warm. According to HungaroMet’s forecast, precipitation will decrease in the next few days, there will be a lot of sunshine and the weather will warm up. The peak temperature will be 25-30 degrees on Sunday, and a heat wave is expected from next Tuesday with maximum values ​​above 30 degrees and around 35 degrees in the middle of the week, which will speed up the ripening of rapeseed and wheat.


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