Agrometeorology: the sap circulation of early fruits started in the mild weather

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 15. 09:00

Due to the mild weather of the past week, several plants are feeling the arrival of spring, the sap circulation of the early stone fruits has already started in the north, in the area of Miskolc – HungaroMet Zrt. wrote in its agrometeorological analysis on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The average temperature of the last ten days was around plus 10 degrees Celsius, which is 8-10 degrees higher than the usual value at this time, they wrote. At the end of last week, a fluctuating frontal system brought precipitation, mainly in the band extending from the southern half of Transdanubia to the northeastern part of the country. The soil was almost saturated in the upper one-meter layer, but only in the Kisalföld and the south-east, which receives less rain, was it near the surface. Especially in the Great Plain, there are still inland water spots. As a result of the mild weather and rain, tidal waves formed in the water system of the Tisza, so the extent of the inland water area does not decrease here.

The autumn sowing is in relatively good condition, but where the water cover is permanent, it has died out, this is especially true for canola

Pathogens and pests were slightly decimated by the freezing weather at least every night in January, but a more persistent cold would have been needed to significantly reduce them. They added: due to the mild weather, the sap circulation of the early stone fruits has already started in the northern part of the country and the buds have popped, which increases the risk of spring frost damage. It was noted: apricots are already damaged in the budding phase by frosts stronger than minus 4 degrees Celsius, and it is still very early to avoid frosts greater than this. In 2021 and 2022, for example, frosts of around minus 10 degrees occurred in the whole country in mid-March, they wrote. According to the forecast, the weather will be milder than average in the next week, weak frosts are expected on the less cloudy nights, while during the day the peak values will be around 10 degrees, slightly above. The incoming fronts bring only a small amount of rain.


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