Sectoral basic training

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 04. 16. 08:57

As part of the reformed trade education, from the 2020-2021 academic year everyone who has applied for a place in a technical or vocational school must participate in sectoral basic training. Two Budapest vocational schools partnered with the guild, so those students who wish to become tourism specialist-tour guides could do the basic training in the guild’s workshop.

Cukrász logó

Master confectioner Mária Lusztigh taught both theory and practice at the course. The students got an insight into the confectionery trade. Ms Lusztigh was happy to report than many of the 40 course participants became interested in confectionery and it is possible that they will participate in courses organised by the guild in the near future.

Boasting great infrastructure

Zsuzsanna Somogyi, director of META – Don Bosco Technical School and Secondary Vocational School stressed that confectionery practice is a big challenge for the school, as in previous years they didn’t have to announce such courses.

In the end of the semester, all students passed the basic training

Rebeka Kiss-Kovács and Ágnes Szántó, teachers of SZÁMALK-Szalézi Technical School and Secondary Vocational School told our magazine that studying in the workshop was a great experience and an exciting challenge for future tour guides. The teachers opined that being familiar with various hospitality trades can be useful for tourist specialists in their work: they will know what tourists expect from various types of hospitality businesses, and thanks to this as tour guides they can organise better programmes for them. //

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