Today’s youth is spoiled!

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 01. 23. 08:39

At a conference held on 20 November in Budapest, Dr Mária Törőcsik, a professor at the University of Pécs, presented the results of a survey on the so-called Generation Z. The survey was conducted for a year and a half and studied young people who belong to the 15-24 age group. Dr Törőcsik told that parents spoil this generation. For instance young people have more money to spend than one would expect, HUF 37,000 a month – this sum is even bigger, HUF 50,000 in Budapest. Those who belong to Generation Z are limited by only few things, they always have many options to choose from. They like to share, they want everything for free and instantly. They like to do more things at the same time and they are very much interested in technology. Generation Z-ers like to document their life and would like to become famous. They also tend to be creative and don’t hesitate when it comes to realising their ideas. Are 15-24 year-olds happy? The study found that the older they are and the bigger place the live in, the less happy they are. It is also noteworthy that on the surface they are confident, but deep down they are worrying about things. The project resulted in several studies and these are available at One of them – which can be downloaded for free and can be very useful for the marketing departments of FMCG companies – describes young people’s shopper and consumer behaviour and gives tips for marketing strategies to be used to reach them.

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