In reality, there is rarely any money for returnable plastic cups

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 29. 10:36

More and more nightclubs and festivals are introducing returnable plastic cups. The advantage of these is that you don’t have to collect them, because the guests take them back – so the costs of the caterers are reduced. In addition, compared to glass cups, they do not break so easily. But for these glasses, you only get money back…

However, it was possible to turn the fundamentally useful solution into something that many people experience as a downfall: the non-returnable glass has entered the tourist traps alongside hyena taxis, overpriced ATMs and restaurants in the city center that rip off tourists – with the not inconsiderable difference that this is still even those who move at home in the domestic terrain can’t avoid it, unless they go quite a few places from far away, or they don’t drink at all, which is not practical, especially in summer.

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