Payments for rural development measures doubled

By: STA Date: 2023. 12. 21. 10:00

HUF 895.6 billion were paid for agricultural and rural development subsidies until September 30. 58.2 percent (HUF 521.3 billion) of the disbursed support came from European Union funds, 41.8 percent (HUF 374.3 billion) was paid from the domestic budget.

Among the agricultural and rural development subsidies, payments from the Rural Development Program dominated (63.6 percent), which were close to HUF 570 billion. Direct subsidies made up almost a quarter (23.5 percent) of the payments, HUF 210.4 billion were paid out until September 30. In the first nine months of the year, HUF 98.4 billion were paid for national subsidies, and HUF 17.3 billion for market and other subsidies.

This is how the subsidies were distributed

Examining the support of individual sectors, it can be said that arable plant growers received almost a quarter of the subsidies, while animal breeders could use 17.3 percent of the subsidies, and horticulture’s share was only 5.5 percent. Within the framework of the national agricultural damage mitigation system (Pillar I), HUF 50.6 billion was paid to eligible producers in 2023 to compensate for the extraordinary amount of damage caused by the weather in 2022.


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