According to the VHT the consumption of pork should be increased while the WHO study is unscientific

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 27. 11:55

The Meat Marketing Board and Interprofessional Organization (VHT) wants to increase the consumption of pork in Hungary by 2020 – until the end of the current EU budget period; This would mean an average one kilogram increase a year – the Secretary of the VHT told MTI on Monday.


Menczel Lászlóné added that this effort coincides with the objective of the big pig breeding European countries where the increase of pork consumption is also the objective of the industry's professional organizations – was formulated at the a conference of IMPA (market analyst, organization of the EU’s leading pig breeding countries) held in the Hungarian capital on Monday.

The representatives of the IMPA member states outraged after hearing WHO’s report published on Monday, and indicated joint actions against the destructive market rumors. (MTI)

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