Tropicana invites public to create new flavour

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2024. 07. 05. 09:03

Tropicana has invited the public to work with its ‘Master of Orange’ to create the brand’s next juice flavour.

The new campaign will see a singular chosen applicant inventing a new product, of which 170 limited-edition bottles will be given away.

The successful candidate will develop the drink with Tropicana Master of Orange Nathalie Leenknecht, the juice brand‘s professional supertaster who’s tastebuds have been insured by the FMCG giant for £1m.

Leenknecht said: “This is now my 19th year working for Tropicana and I am honoured that the brand has taken the extra step to insure my tastebuds, which have enabled me to develop the best quality juice for so many years.

“There is so much intricacy and technique myself and the team put into every batch of Tropicana to become ‘that’ juice we all know and love, so I am delighted to give someone the opportunity to experience this firsthand.’’

The new initiative comes as data from Tropicana found that four in five UK adults drink fresh orange juice, with this number rising to nine in ten among Gen Z and millennials (18-34 year olds), while the average UK adult drinks 104 glasses per year.

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