Tesco supports the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout the year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 04. 12:59

The World Day of People with Disabilities, celebrated on December 3rd, also draws attention to the importance of accepting differently abled people in the workplace. At the same time, Tesco emphasizes not only on this one day, but throughout the year, the inclusion of employees with disabilities, which is an important part of its diversity strategy. Officially, 4.6 percent of the company’s employees have some kind of disability, but according to Tesco’s employee survey, 5.1 percent of them claim to have a disability.

Tesco is trying to create a safe and inclusive workplace environment for them with a number of initiatives, including running an ambassador program to increase the knowledge of managers, using inclusive recruitment methods, training store employees to help the visually impaired shop, and taking steps to make stores barrier-free.

In Hungary, Tesco employs 8,500 active colleagues, another 1,000 employees with an inactive status and almost the same number of students, all of whom enrich the company culture with different backgrounds, experiences, different views and perspectives. The store chain therefore considers it crucial to create an inclusive work environment. In November, Tesco published its third Diversity Report, which presents the company’s goals and results in this regard. According to the data in the report, although 4.6 percent of colleagues are officially classified as disabled, according to Tesco’s own survey, 5.1 percent of them consider themselves disabled. This most often means permanent illness, musculoskeletal problems, hearing impairment, and diseases caused by stress.

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