Tesco deploys smoke machines in its London stores to prevent robbery

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 17. 09:55

Tesco has installed smoke machines in some of its London stores to prevent night break-ins and potential theft. These special devices emit a dense fog when the motion sensors are activated, significantly limiting visibility and making it difficult for thieves. According to The Guardian, the smoke machines were placed at a height of around 120 centimeters in shops deemed high-risk for out-of-hours break-ins.

The use of smoke machines is becoming more and more common in the protection of high-value products, such as in banks and jewelry stores. These devices produce fog from a special liquid, which can maintain a dense fog in the given room for several hours. In the case of Tesco, the fog will remain for at least twenty minutes, which should provide enough time for the police to arrive. The smoke machines are also equipped with CCTV cameras so that security personnel can monitor the events.

There is growing concern in the UK about shoplifting and violence against retail workers. According to a February figure, 1,300 violent incidents are registered daily, which highlights the importance of the safety of workers in the retail sector. The British government plans to introduce tougher penalties for shoplifters in England and Wales and make assaults on retail workers a new crime.

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