Nature conservation must become creation conservation

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 11. 10:30

The protection of our natural capital, the habitats and species of the Carpathian Basin, is a key issue, and the 3rd National Biodiversity Strategy also serves this purpose, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

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The head of the ministry drew attention to the fact that environmental and nature protection must rise to a new level and become creation protection. It is necessary to find the unity and balance of our created world, the role of education in school and in the family. For this purpose, the National Biodiversity Strategy until 2030 was created. He explained that in order to sustainably ensure the natural values inherent in biological diversity, the variety of species and the “invisible” services provided by natural habitats, such as climate regulation, pollination, clean water and air, a priority goal is, for example, the protection of protected natural areas . The head of the ministry emphasized that protecting our created world is a common social duty. Therefore, we must use all possible means to act against the destruction and damage of natural resources, the transformation of natural habitats and environmental pollution, and we must analyze society’s functioning, economy, behavior, and interpretation of reality. Due to the magnitude of the changes, it is no longer possible to find a specific, separate answer for each part of the problem. It is fundamentally important to look for comprehensive solutions to deal with the loss of biodiversity, which take into account the interactions of natural systems with each other and with social systems, he added.

These are the main topics of the 3rd National Biodiversity Strategy

István Nagy said that the strategy prioritizes topics such as the protection of protected areas, the continuation of the restoration of degraded ecosystems, the reduction of invasive alien species that damage natural and near-natural ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, forestry, game and fish management. Priority tasks also include halting the decline of pollinators, improving the resilience of ecosystems to climate change, developing elements of the green infrastructure network, and mitigating pollution that threatens biodiversity, explained the minister. He emphasized that biodiversity is the basis of food production, it is essential in ensuring soil fertility and pollination, in cleaning water and air, while also providing us with raw materials for medicine and wood. It also plays an important role in avoiding and mitigating the effects of disasters, epidemics and diseases, as well as in regulating the global and regional climate. The long-term preservation of our country’s diverse natural values also serves the well-being of the citizens, as biological diversity greatly contributes to improving the quality of life, preserving our health, and protecting the national natural heritage, while it is also essential for economic activities based on natural resources. The minister emphasized that the protection of natural resources and their wise management are the principles to be followed, as this is the only way to ensure that Hungary’s rich, valuable natural environment and biodiversity, which is essential for the quality of life of the Hungarian population, will be preserved in the long term, the minister underlined.


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