The dairy sector has also been hit by the effects of the epidemic

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 04. 14. 11:35

The dairy sector was also hit by the coronavirus this week. These days, product councils and professional organizations in North America and the British Isles have called on farmers to destroy their stocks because processors will not take it over due to reduced demand. Hundreds of thousands of liters of milk had to be destroyed. The Agrárszektor asked the Dairy Interprofessional Organization and Product Council what tis he situation was in the Hungarian dairy sector.

The operation of the Hungarian dairy sector has not been “frozen” so far, in the opinion of the Milk Product Council there is no market force majeure in a general sense, there is no reason to unilaterally terminate the existing contractual relations. Although the assessment of the feasibility of contracts may differ in individual cases on the basis of the situation of market participants, only mutually agreed needs for contract modification in accordance with mutual interests may be considered. (Szedlák Levente,

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