The Szintézis began the production of online cash registers

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 08. 14. 11:58

The Szintézis Informatikai ZRt. filed its authorization request in July 2013 to its online traditional cash register, which is equipped with Fiscal Control Unit and able to create online connection with NAV. The AEE contains the necessary SIM card, so there are no external factors that may prevent data communication between the AEE and the NAV.

Vendors can use the traditional cash registers (without e-log) until 31/08/2013!

The Szintézis Informatikai ZRt. has started the production of the NOVATEK online cash registers, and the inclusion of pre-orders. The little cash register is easy to use both in simple and barcode mode. It is suitable for small retailers as well as large convenience stores. It is equipped with battery, so it can work without a power supply. The NOVATEK online cash register has one of the fastest printer (70mm/sec), and uses a variety of methods of payments: credit card, voucher, cash (USD, EUR).

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