The secret of the success of the SPAR family is the cooperation of the generations

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 27. 11:45

SPAR Hungary provides a living for almost 14,000 employees, making it one of the largest employers in the country. In the development and successful operation of the company, young and old, as well as female employees, play a huge role. SPAR’s generational program helps to make the differences between the elderly and the young an advantage in everyday operations.

Fő az együttműködés

Generations together for the success of SPAR

Among the retail chains, SPAR is the largest employer with almost 14,000 employees, including men and women, older and younger. The company has set itself the goal of supporting more effective and successful cooperation in several ways, exploiting the advantages of the different knowledge and abilities of different generations. The company regularly organizes communication trainings every year, and makes a special effort to allow different generations to get to know each other’s styles and different preferences in mixed groups, which can effectively contribute to teamwork.

For SPAR, equality is natural

One of the basic tenets of the company’s human resources policy is that it does not differentiate between women’s and men’s wages, and it is completely natural for women to have equal rights, which appears at all levels of the company. In the case of the management team, diversity is very important: in the top management, 46% are female colleagues, while 54% are men, which is an extremely good ratio. International studies support the added value of diversity in a material and moral sense.

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