SPAR is testing the demand for free-range hens

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 05. 11:41

From the end of January, SPAR Budapest started a new initiative, and in its four Budapest stores, it only sells eggs from hens that were not kept in cages. The supermarket chain’s announcement is about a so-called trial period, the purpose of which is to spread and test the demand for free-range eggs among customers.

Until now, the company has gradually withdrawn the eggs of hens kept in cages from the market, following the EU’s efforts, which aim to end caged animal husbandry in the member states. With the support of EU directives, the proportion of alternative, organic and free-range eggs in SPAR stores has increased over the past decade, while the proportion of caged eggs has decreased.

Free-range eggs have been available in SPAR stores for four years, and in 2023 nearly 4 percent of eggs sold came from this category. The proportion of eggs from alternative production has also increased significantly in recent years, illustrating the increased interest among consumers.

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