A postcard from Tapolca

By: jungandrea Date: 2017. 10. 24. 06:43

We analysed every retail channel at the annual conference, but perhaps we should have focused more on the labour market. If the rumours are true that the government wants the proportion of Hungarian ownership to go above 50 percent in the retail sector, the lack of efficiency at Hungarian chains – in terms of both wages and logistics – will inevitably lead to rising prices, a lower level of services and bigger pressure on suppliers. At the moment there are about 620,000 Hungarian working abroad and the workforce shortage may result in a domestic economic recession soon. A bit more about the Business Days conference itself: there were almost 700 of us there, the VIP guests were superb and all the prizes ended up in the right hands. They say that next year the building of Hotel Pelion will be one storey higher: we will fill that too! //

Dr. András Köves
business development and marketing director
NT Kunsági Éden

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