Quality seed is the basis of successful crop production

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 07. 09:30

Quality seed – quality crop. The National Chamber of Agriculture and the Inter-Trade Association and Product Council of the Seed Association draw attention to the importance of using metal-sealed seeds.

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Based on the traffic data and experience, the actors of the domestic seed industry expect a decrease in the use of metal-sealed grain grain seed, but at the same time, this carries serious dangers – said the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) and the Seed Trade Association and Product Council (VSZT) at the seed sector consultation held on March 6 in the chamber’s headquarters. The meeting was attended by the leaders of key companies in the domestic seed sector.

The huge amount of Ukrainian grain, produced under uncontrolled conditions, which was released to the EU without restrictions and tariffs, destroyed the EU crop markets

Just as the farmers of many other EU countries, the Hungarian farmers also faced and are facing market problems, the purchase prices fell significantly due to Ukrainian dumping. Although the Hungarian government – resisting the decisions of Brussels – does not allow imports to Hungary, our main target markets (such as Italy) are saturated with Ukrainian grain. For this reason, Hungarian farmers also struggle with liquidity problems.

Despite everything, it is not recommended that farmers save on the cost of seed

Because by using metal-sealed seed, it is possible to establish the basis for high-quality and adequate quantity of commodity cultivation with raw material of known and reliable origin, of the same species and variety, free of pollutants and weed seeds, and with a high germination rate. The price of the seed only accounts for about a tenth of the total production cost. The marketing of restrained, sometimes unlicensed seeds is against the law and can also lead to significant, unforeseen problems.

Hungarian seeds are of high quality and are in demand abroad

The amount of domestic seed production is over 300,000 tons annually. Our country is also a regional production and logistics center, more than half of the domestically produced metal-sealed seeds are exported. In the discussion, the plant protection active ingredients are based on emotions, not on rationality EU regulation was also discussed. The chamber also tries to mitigate the harmful effects of active substance withdrawals, which cause great difficulties for producers, among other things, through its working group coordinating the licensing of small-scale crop protection products.


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