First cock a doodle-doo by the Master Good cock

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 08. 29. 08:00

The usefulness of hostess promotions is often questioned by experts. There are arguments pro and contra, but hostess promotions are undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for the introduction of brand new products. Master Good Kft., has decided to invest a substantial amount into a hostess promotion campaign for its new product line, the “Mester” brand. They have become famous with their “ranch chicken”, chicken that is kept outdoors in a natural environment. Though its price is higher, customers are willing to pay more for quality. Mester poultry sausage, ham and liver paste by Master Good appeared on the shelves last September. Market research has shown that consumers are receptive to the idea of flavoured hams and meat products, which encouraged them to make a number of such products. They used intensive advertising in radio and the press in March, which was followed by a nation-wide prize game in April. They offered a down to earth main prize in the form of a trip to Cyprus for two and over a thousand smaller gifts. The checking of Master Good logos and all other tasks related to the prize game were handled by the small marketing department and customer relations. Samplings also took place simultaneously with the prize game in all Cora stores and selected stores of Tesco, Auchan, and Interspar. Three hostesses were employed in all stores, two in the store space and one outside the cash register zone. One of the hostesses inside offered Red Master chicken to customers near the poultry cooler, while the other invited customers to the sampling desk located near the delicacies. Six products were available for sampling. The third hostess handed over gifts in return for showing their receipts outside the cash register zone. No price promotion was used. The most popular product sampled was the liver paste flavoured with pritamin paprika. Cora generated the greatest volume of sales per store, with Auchan following closely behind. László Bárány, managing director and owner regarded the sampling campaign as a success, since their primary objective was to get the target group familiar with the new product line and to enhance brand loyalty. No data regarding brand awareness is available yet, but 4557 items of Mester products and 1816 Red Mater ranch chickens had been sold during the two day hostess promotion. Master Good has also presented its new product line to 45-50 store and regional managers of CBA during a client meeting and also succeeded in getting orders for these.

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