After the (almost) seven lean years

By: Sóskuti György Date: 2015. 06. 19. 10:14

The economy seems to be recovering from recession that started in 2008, but the question is: can the old model be used any longer?

 Sóskuti György értékesítési igazgató Nestlé Hungária

Sóskuti György
értékesítési igazgató
Nestlé Hungária

It is sure that the last 7 years taught us how to fight and survive – and how to cooperate with our retailer partners in the new conditions. It very much seems now that a new paradigm is needed. In order to make lasting positive changes conscious steps have to be taken. This is the time for building and laying the new foundations. The strengthening of consumer confidence indicates that we can be hopeful and the situation is perfect for thinking forward and acting accordingly. Consumption is one of the economy’s engines. There are lots of positive signs now as trust is increasing on the retailer and manufacturer sides too, so I am optimistic about the future.