Hungarians are already comparing the price of notebooks: starting school in times of economic crisis

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 15. 10:35

Compared to July, the number of searches related to the school jumped enormously.

The various school bags achieved almost 10,000 clicks and searches related to sets increased by nearly 400 percent, while stationery holders were 450 percent more interested. Circulars were searched for by more than three times as many people, the number of searches for pen holders and paper clips increased by two and a half times, and the interest in notebooks, indigo, and even translation machines changed by roughly the same amount. On Árukereső.hu, calendars, diaries and gym bags have also become more popular, down to lower-value products such as notebook labels, crayons, adhesive tapes or rulers. It is clear from the figures that due to the global economic crisis and Hungary’s specific financial decisions, such as the cancellation of utility bills, consumers are trying to save where they can: even if it is only a few forints.


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