Hungarian farmers can always count on the government

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 07. 11:00

Instead of fake problems, spreading administrative burdens and extreme green ideologies, Brussels should protect the competitiveness of European farmers – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the farmers’ forum held in Gyöngyös on Thursday.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

The head of the ministry reminded that in 2023, about HUF 1,400 billion in agricultural subsidies were paid out, which is an absolute record. By way of comparison, he noted that in 2010 this amount was only HUF 533 billion. Against the political accusations and movements formulated by the left, it is the Hungarian government that views agriculture as a strategic partner and protects the interests of farmers by all means, he added. István Nagy also touched on the fact that Brussels let the farmers down when it released Ukrainian agricultural products to the European Union unchecked and duty-free. That is why it was necessary to protect the interests of producers and to introduce restrictive import measures in our country. Never before have extreme green ideologies influenced agriculture as much as now, leading to the deterioration of our competitiveness. The minister also mentioned that we will continue to fight in Brussels to reduce the administrative burden of farmers, and we have already sent our proposals to the competent bodies of the European Union. In addition, our country continues to stand by the principle that the same rules apply to products produced in third countries and coming to us as to food produced in the territory of the Union. The Hungarian government continues to see farmers as strategic allies and will protect the competitiveness of producers with all means under all circumstances, emphasized the head of the ministry.


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