The Japanese market is extremely important for Hungarian agriculture

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 03. 10:00

Our country’s goal is to further stimulate the agricultural relations between Hungary and Japan, stated Minister of Agriculture István Nagy after receiving Japanese Ambassador Masato Otaka in his office.

(Photo: Csaba Pelsőczy)

The head of the department drew attention to the fact that there are opportunities for cooperation in many areas; with particular regard to technological knowledge transfer and agricultural foreign trade. In the field of economic cooperation, the minister drew attention to the possibilities inherent in pork, poultry, duck, honey and medical food, as our country has great capacities for these products.

Food security was also discussed at the meeting

István Nagy stated that the Hungarian agriculture and food industry is capable of supplying more than 20 million people. The entire food industry sector is undergoing renewal. We build cutting bridges, drying plants, livestock farms and also equip fruit orchards with the most modern technology. The goal is to increase competitiveness and added value. We do not want to export raw materials, but processed high-quality products. For this very reason, we provide three times more resources for investments and technological renewal. And we welcome Japanese investors in this process, he added.

The head of the ministry also touched on the fact that Hungary has one of the largest gene banks in the world

The potential inherent in native Hungarian varieties also represents a serious economic opportunity. Regarding viticulture, the minister explained that our primary goal is to make high-quality wine and to be able to show the characteristics of the region to the widest possible audience. Hungarian producers are working to ensure that drinking Hungarian wine continues to be a distinct feeling. The minister emphasized that Hungary will continue to consistently support the abolition of sanctions in the EU in connection with the restrictions imposed on Japanese food industry products after the Fukushima disaster, which are still in force. Regarding Hungarian pork, István Nagy drew attention to the regionalization applied in Japan, in which domestic products meet the strictest standards. Food safety is a matter of trust, which is why our country pays special attention to this area – underlined the head of the ministry.


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