Harvesting has been completed in most places

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 11. 09:45

The head of the ministry drew attention to the fact that the significant amount of precipitation that fell in the last week made harvesting work difficult and stopped. Unharvested grain has fallen in many places. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, slightly more than 30,000 hectares of winter wheat are waiting to be harvested nationally, but a significant part of this may no longer benefit the farmer, he added.

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István Nagy pointed out that the harvest of autumn barley has already been completed in recent weeks. The national yield average is 5.5 t/hectare, which falls short of expectations. The wheat harvest is also almost finished, its harvest readiness reaches 96% and shows an average yield of around 5.6 t/ha. He emphasized that the spring barley harvest has practically come to an end, with an average yield of 4.4 t/ha. 96% of the triticale was harvested with an average of 4.7 t/ha. The harvest of rye is 98% with an average yield of 3.3 t/ha – the minister listed. The sown area of summer-harvested crops increased, at the expense of corn, among other things, due to crop security, lower cost requirements, and market uncertainties caused by Ukrainian grain.

The head of the ministry also touched on the fact that the extremely low purchase prices of grain and oilseeds this summer are causing challenges

The difference between domestic purchase tariffs and the prevailing Paris commodity exchange grain subscription prices has grown enormously. The Russian-Ukrainian war, the complete exemption from customs duties granted to Ukraine, and the continuous change in transport options due to the blockade of the Black Sea ports have caused extraordinary upheaval in the world grain market, he added.

In connection with the summer harvest, István Nagy thanked the farmers for their diligence and perseverance

Thanks to their dedicated work, new bread can be put on the tables of Hungarian families. Safe food supply is not only a strategic issue, but also a national security issue. Hungarian agriculture is capable of supplying more than 20 million people, so it is a good feeling to see that the players of the sector can always be counted on in all circumstances during the coronavirus epidemic, or even during the Russian-Ukrainian war, underlined the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.


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